You’ve Got a Message!

It seems quite weird how “hello’s” become “I love you’s”
How my soft bellows became a short fuse
For this instant, cosmic feeling
I just know that, beyond the screen
I find you so appealing

Our strings of pixelated text
Has got me hooked on and hexed
And I can’t possibly string out
Through keyboard taps and a mouse
The words that need to be expelled from my mouth

Call me crazy for falling
In a way that’s so appalling
But through acronyms and emoticons
Exclamation points and quotations
Then maybe you’ll see that our love is like a black swan’s

And all I want to do now
Is to see who you really are, where you are, how
To feel your face beside mine
And hear your breaths break into intervals
And feel electricity rush up my spine

I am real and so are you
I can’t fathom how that could be true
I seriously have no clue
But all I know is that
I love you, I love you, I love you

One thought on “You’ve Got a Message!

  1. J K Sommers says:

    Wonderfully written expression of electric – digital love awakening. I experienced the same 17 yrs ago – met the mind and changed my life path. I am with the one to this day – an amazing journey to be told. :-)

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