Santa Claus (Seven Deadly Sins Vignette: Gluttony)

“Ho ho ho, merry Christmas!” Santa bellowed at the top of his lungs as he towered houses upon houses with chimneys waiting to be slithered down from. The wintery sleets rushed past him as he glided all over the neighborhood. The thought of warm cookies and milk enthused him even more, as if the Ghosts of Christmas had come to possess him. This only comes once in a year so he stocks up on as much food as he can even though his timeworn wooden sled is begging for him to cut the fats, but the food’s all free anyway.

He signaled his sled to halt on top of the Smith’s roof and continued to slide down their chimney. Down he went, deep down into his own rabbit hole of a trap, knowing of the temptation that awaited for him.

As he landed, his bloodshot eyes instantly spotted the plate of cookies. He peeked at the left and then to the right and finally proceeded to the platter. His hands, already cupping a handful of cookies, could feel the newly baked-ness of it for it still retained its warmth. Santa held it closer to his face, repeatedly licking his lips out of delight. One bite, and then another, and another, and another. The crisp, the crunch and the delectable chocolate chips topped it all off. It gave him a feeling of fulfillment and satisfaction. But the feeling didn’t subside, in fact he wanted more. The crumbs that the cookies left – he made into a banquet, trying to relish every last one. But it still wasn’t enough.

Then, at the corner of his eyes, he spotted a semi-opened refrigerator supposedly left open accidentally. He scanned the place further and bolstered himself, “I’m giving them presents anyway, it’s not like I’m stealing anything, just one bite, one more bite and I’ll be off.” One of his lower shirt buttons popped off as he ambled towards the refrigerator door and opened it wider. “Let’s see what we have here.”

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