The Tooth Fairy (Seven Deadly Sins Vignette: Lust)

“Sweet, sweet child, why can’t all little boys have as impeccable teeth as yours?” she whispered deeply in the child’s ears with the voice of a demonic dryad, trying her best not to wake him up as she ran her fingers down to his mouth. The sensation of her fingertips gracing his smooth cheek made her tingle inside. Euphoria streamed itself through her every vein. Climatic. Naughty. Erotic. Those seemed to be the only words that she could barely think about as she continued to gaze at his pearly white teeth.

Finally, her index finger reached his lips which were still wet from the midnight drooling; this aroused her immensely, still trying to be careful though she’s been in this situation all throughout her lifetime. A zing of electricity rushed up her spines. The child was disturbed, though asleep nonetheless. She moaned with relief. And so, she continued, fondling with his teeth as trails of his saliva sojourned in her fingers. The blood inside of her flowed even faster as she smeared his sticky wet liquid all over her chest. She slid her fingers lower and lower until her fingers ran dry. The Tooth Fairy’s left panting and fantasizing about the boy’s faultless choppers.

After a few more sessions she recalled the time, it was a few minutes before sunrise. “I have to depart now my little angel, but I’ll be back soon, very soon,” her sultry voice faded from the room. But before she left, she took the tooth under the boy’s pillow and placed a rusty old nickel in place of it so that he’ll remember her again. And as she did, she remembered how the children were no different from prostitutes – succumbing unconsciously to her desires, their body parts in exchange for money.

10 thoughts on “The Tooth Fairy (Seven Deadly Sins Vignette: Lust)

  1. k.h.m. says:

    Holy cow! That was fantastic … DisTURBing – but fantastic!

  2. […] The Tooth Fairy (Seven Deadly Sins Vignette: Lust). […]

  3. jannatwrites says:

    Wow, creeeeepy! If my sons read this, they’d surely be afraid of the fairy :)

    I’ve been reading your other deadly sins stories and I wanted to let you know you’ve done well putting stories behind the sins.

    • Carl says:

      I’m glad I was able to give that kind of impression. And thank you, I’m just really fond of putting twists to well-known icons.

  4. thedailypatrick says:

    I love this so much. Can I, please, repost this? I’ll put your name on it, of course. Can I? Please? I just love this. You could be my favorite author. Lol

  5. thedailypatrick says:

    Reblogged this on The Daily Patrick and commented:
    Read this amazing work. Follow his blog!

  6. Well you just killed the Tooth Fairy for most kids, lol. Wonderful!

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