You’ve Got a Message!

It seems quite weird how “hello’s” become “I love you’s”
How my soft bellows became a short fuse
For this instant, cosmic feeling
I just know that, beyond the screen
I find you so appealing

Our strings of pixelated text
Has got me hooked on and hexed
And I can’t possibly string out
Through keyboard taps and a mouse
The words that need to be expelled from my mouth

Call me crazy for falling
In a way that’s so appalling
But through acronyms and emoticons
Exclamation points and quotations
Then maybe you’ll see that our love is like a black swan’s

And all I want to do now
Is to see who you really are, where you are, how
To feel your face beside mine
And hear your breaths break into intervals
And feel electricity rush up my spine

I am real and so are you
I can’t fathom how that could be true
I seriously have no clue
But all I know is that
I love you, I love you, I love you

Father Time (Seven Deadly Sins Vignette: Wrath)

Time is running out… tick tock tick tock.

A minute had elapsed just after the New Year and the people are welcoming it with complete joy. But for Father Time, this brought out the demon inside of him, a long hidden bile stored deep inside the catacombs of his enigmatic mind. It triggered something like that of a firework – waiting for the flame to trace the fine line between a spark and a detonation; this was the exact moment of that. He deplored Baby New Year for it killed him inside. The people that he once thought valued his time are now just lethargically waiting for a new start. And this fueled his drive to a highway of retaliation. Fine with me if they don’t value the time I give them, I don’t value them anymore either.

With a snap, he reversed time; a groundbreaking ploy that would incessantly alter the face of the Earth.

2013, 2012, 2011… one by one the Baby New Years died over and over again, and by the looks of it Father Time felt fulfillment and elation. He knew he had accomplished something.

An abundance of humans who inhabited his very Earth died and lived and died once again; back to their mother’s wombs again and again and again, to the Renaissance, ancient civilization and prehistory. Now he watched by the bylines as they all suffered for, now, they valued time. Until the very last second of their existence lasted, he watched patiently. And finally, there was nothing anymore.

But Father Time didn’t realize that he also wasn’t there anymore because when time ran out so did he.

The Easter Bunny (Seven Deadly Sins Vignette: Pride)

With a last drop of maroon dye and a smear of periwinkle, he had finished the last Easter egg of the day. As usual, he was astonished by his own work taking time to part with its magnificence, beholding it for one last moment. “These stripes are flawless, a perfect fusion of technique and ingenuity. You’re such a prodigy, I can’t wait to see the look on the children’s faces once they see my finicky designs,” talking to himself as he hides the last egg.

His ears prickled, sensing the oncoming children racing to the shrubbery. Prepare yourself for the heap of compliments, Bunny. He thought to himself again unknowing of the group of children already wandering around the garden. And one by one, as he saw the children spotting the eggs he was dismayed, in fact, he was utterly outraged. No one took the time to appreciate the intricate designs outside, not one single soul. I worked hard on those goddamn designs. They’re amazing, no, perfect. Those are the most bona fide designs you’ll ever find anywhere here on Earth. Don’t you just tear them off. They are perfect. And ‘perfect’ kept imprinting itself on his mind.

They’re perfect, they’re perfect… they are fucking perfect. But in fact that wasn’t what he truly implied, what he meant was, I’m perfect… I am perfect.

Saint Patrick (Seven Deadly Sins Vignette: Greed)

Saint Patrick – he was a con but not a leprechaun, in fact he lived and breathed being one. And with every treacherous act he had committed there came a valuable exchange – money. He kept all the coins he snatched from the day he learned to pilfer in an enormous coal-colored cauldron secreted inside his threadbare basement.

Routinely, he gathers all his coins out on his patio and scrubs them clean; this day wasn’t unlike any other. In the scorching heat, as the sun made his coins glint like diamonds, he had spotted another prey – a plump little girl about wee size. The child’s eyes and his met and he motioned his hands for the child to come near him. I’m sure this kid has at least a few dimes or quarters in her satchel, she seems to be well fed if I’m not mistaken, perhaps even a few dollar bills. The girl pranced towards him and with her bright blue eyes and lollipop smile she asked, “What is it, mister?” and Saint Patrick replied with poise, “Don’t you know me?” trying but failing to hide his devilish smile.

“I’m sorry,” she scoffed, shaking her head and staring at his all green ensemble.

“Don’t worry; a lot of people don’t know me, but I can let you in on my secret.”

“Secret?” she was more eager to learn who he truly was.

“Do you see those clovers over there?” he replied, pointing to a patch of clover leaves a few yards away as she nods, “Well, those are lucky four-leaved clovers and if you get one then you’ll be able to make four wishes.”

“Really? I don’t believe you and you didn’t even tell me who you were anyway.”

“Try it out yourself. I’m Saint Patrick by the way.”

“If this doesn’t work…” her bravado faded as she left her satchel on the patio floor and proceeded to the patch of clovers.

Imbeciles. Now on to my deed. He probed for some coins and found a couple of nickels and pennies. And as he touched the metallic surface of those coins he felt a connection with it but other than that he felt power. All these coins are mine, mine, and only mine! He cradled it like a baby on his sweaty palms. Disgruntled, the child dashes back. “Liar, liar, pants on fire!” failing to see the purloined coins, she fumed away, gripping tightly on her satchel. Hck, just pure imbeciles.

The child comes back, now with her mother just as infuriated as she was. No. Saint Patrick thought about the situation carefully, they have now found his stash of sinful coins and there’s no running away. The sweat dripped from his forehead more rapidly. No! These are my coins, mine! They can’t have it, no, I can’t allow it. And when he thought he ran out of thoughts, he fathomed one that was beyond his own measures. Now, where did I put my gun? 

Santa Claus (Seven Deadly Sins Vignette: Gluttony)

“Ho ho ho, merry Christmas!” Santa bellowed at the top of his lungs as he towered houses upon houses with chimneys waiting to be slithered down from. The wintery sleets rushed past him as he glided all over the neighborhood. The thought of warm cookies and milk enthused him even more, as if the Ghosts of Christmas had come to possess him. This only comes once in a year so he stocks up on as much food as he can even though his timeworn wooden sled is begging for him to cut the fats, but the food’s all free anyway.

He signaled his sled to halt on top of the Smith’s roof and continued to slide down their chimney. Down he went, deep down into his own rabbit hole of a trap, knowing of the temptation that awaited for him.

As he landed, his bloodshot eyes instantly spotted the plate of cookies. He peeked at the left and then to the right and finally proceeded to the platter. His hands, already cupping a handful of cookies, could feel the newly baked-ness of it for it still retained its warmth. Santa held it closer to his face, repeatedly licking his lips out of delight. One bite, and then another, and another, and another. The crisp, the crunch and the delectable chocolate chips topped it all off. It gave him a feeling of fulfillment and satisfaction. But the feeling didn’t subside, in fact he wanted more. The crumbs that the cookies left – he made into a banquet, trying to relish every last one. But it still wasn’t enough.

Then, at the corner of his eyes, he spotted a semi-opened refrigerator supposedly left open accidentally. He scanned the place further and bolstered himself, “I’m giving them presents anyway, it’s not like I’m stealing anything, just one bite, one more bite and I’ll be off.” One of his lower shirt buttons popped off as he ambled towards the refrigerator door and opened it wider. “Let’s see what we have here.”

Sandman (Seven Deadly Sins Vignette: Sloth)

His mauve tinted eyes glistened amidst the gravel encrusted around it. Wonder with which those eyes were filled with. Wonder which malformed his sag of a façade into a landscape beyond spectacle. That shine prevailed throughout his journey to this new world, or at least until the person woke up.

Yes, here he was again, stuck in another trance inside somebody else’s mind; he was in a dream but a dream that wasn’t his. He had taken another victim’s mind for his own survival it seemed. Mm, splendor. A vivid place indeed. I can’t seem to help myself. He was taken aghast by the sight and whiffed the warm but breezy air that surrounded this dream world. The midday sun that enclosed the atmosphere in its warmth provoked a perfect day for a rendezvous. For the Sandman, it was just another vacation day.

He took a long leisurely stroll to the beach, taking his time as he left traces of sand along the pavement with which he paced on. Then there he was, lying comfortably on his own kind – sand. One couldn’t help but notice the beams of the sun piercing through him and he just watched it as it set; orange, dark orange, auburn and finally a darker shade of auburn. His head now rested on the cooling white sand, he reassured himself. Marvelous isn’t it? Depending on other people for your own benefit without any effort at all. I could be living in a million dreams right now and all it’ll take is a sprinkle of sand here and a dash of deceit there and poof. Simple. Simple indeed.